Learning lots about columns

I like columns, because they make reading easier and give options for layout. Great. But how? So I was struggling for a while and luckily I met Emma, who was woofing at Walnut Farm. Together we sat down to crack the column nut. It took a while and then we had the sacred code: 

1/2 coloumns

(braket) ezcol_1half id="" class="" ]your text[/ezcol_1half]

(bracket) ezcol_1half_end id="" class="" style="background-color: #33CCFF;"]your text on colour[/ezcol_1half_end]

You just add text in between the brackets for each column.

Alright, enough WP geekiness – why am I talking about this? Well, because I wanted to share a design with you: FLEX OVEN Design.

OK – so I didn't actually manage to upload the Flex oven design yet – I got stuck with the column thing. It wasn't good People Care for me to keep getting frustrated about uploading and making it look nice. So I'm going to just upload the pdfs for now. 

However, I'm pleased about having used columns to add content on the other pages. Check out the What is Permaculture? It has FIVE columns!

Principles in use: Well, I'm designing this homepage from patterns to details: I've made an overall design for what content I need, based on my needs and what functions I want this homepage to have. I've observed what resources I have available, both as personal skills and resorces in my community and Kattekærhus, my house. I have analysed my needs and skills and have involved people with more webdesign skills than me to fill the gaps. And then I've started to create the homepage based on these considerations. 

Right now I'm in mid-implementation – and the design pattern I created is working and guiding me, to make the work easier, more acessible and logical. I like playing around with photos to create the patterns and structure. And I am happy that I can use my skills in photography in a way I really enjoy and I think it's giving a good outcome.

So I'm harvesting a yield from work previously done within photography!