Diploma tutor

Are you thinking about being a diploma apprentice and accrediting to become a permaculture designer?

It can be a truly life changing decision because the permaculture diploma pathway focuses on designs and design tools that can improve your sustainability, resilience and regenerative practices.

IMG_9751I am a mentor in the Nordic and English diploma system formats.

I am a qualified diploma tutor in the English Diploma system since 2014 and regularly attend training updates.

In 2021 we started the Nordic Permaculture Academy.

The Nordic Permaculture Academy uses the English diploma system’s assessment forms and criteria. Which one you choose depends on your preferences.

The diploma pathway

If you choose me as your tutor, I will guide you on your diploma pathway. Both the Nordic and the English systems are about learning how to become a good permaculture designer. 

Permaculture designing focuses strongly on the process of creating a design, with its different elements of survey, analysis, decisions, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, adjustments and reflections upon the whole process.

Designing for permaculture is also about sharing your knowledge with other permaculturists and therefore it is important to document your design process.

How you want to document your design processes is up to you. It can be writing, videoing, photos, audio or a combination of these media. You can create a homepage straight away to capture and share knowledge or use pen and paper.  

The documentation enables accreditation. Setting up a system from the beginning of your pathway is recommended.

The first tutorial is an introduction to the diploma system – in the English system it is the “Induction event”.

We will talk about what the diploma is and what I will do as a tutor. We will also talk about what designs are and what the design processes are. If you already know what designs you want to do we’ll have a look at them. I will guide you to make the most of the designs and the diploma pathway. 

The introduction tutorial will be about 2 hours. If more apprentices want to start together, it is possible to organise a common introduction day. The next tutorial can be after a few months or more, depending on your need.

It is recommended that you find a guild of diploma apprentices to support you on your pathway and start with a small design to get you going.


Personal Tutorials are for you alone and focus on the process of doing the designs. We look at what is going well, what is difficult and what the next steps and plans are. If you are stuck or feel a lack of motivation, I can probably help you.

Design Support Tutorials are mostly focused on a particular design and how to move on with it.

Technical Tutorials are focussed on technical issues. I have expertise in some areas, please see the “Diploma Design” section and “About me”. You are welcome to take technical tutorials with anybody on any subject and add this to your portfolio.A tutorial can be a combination of these different kinds of tutorials.


My rate is 400 Danish kroner/hour (54 Euros/hour). Transport is paid by the apprentice. You are welcome to come to my place for tutorials.

Nordic Permaculture Academy

If you want to go through the Nordic system, you can register with the Nordic Permaculture Academy

English system


If you want to go through the English system, fixed rates apply. Please have a look at the Permaculture Association Britain website here.

I am an assessment level diploma tutor in the English system and under continuous professional development in this system. I am part of an active diploma tutor guild for mutual support of our tutoring and further designs.


Cathrine Dolleris PDC Certifikat

Cathrine Dolleris Permakultur Diplom

Cathrine Dolleris Permaculture Educators’ Course including Transition Initiatives

Cathrine Dolleris People and Permaculture

Cathrine Dolleris UK 16 Diploma Gathering 

Cathrine Dolleris UK 15 IPC

Cathrine Dolleris UK 14 Diploma Gathering

Cathrine Dolleris Norge 16 LAND training