Why volunteering is the way…

By Eveline Mimpen “How does it feel? All that clay between your toes?” – “Like a new way of life, for sure!” It’s my friend that answers. I have her dancing in one of those big black plastic tubs. She is new to clay plastering and total joy results on her face. While she dances, […]

Learning lots about columns

I like columns, because they make reading easier and give options for layout. Great. But how? So I was struggling for a while and luckily I met Emma, who was woofing at Walnut Farm. Together we sat down to crack the column nut. It took a while and then we had the sacred code:  1/2 coloumns (braket) […]

GeoLiv in its infancy!

Hi there! I've just started this page to write about the fun and the dread of setting up a permaculture demonstration site.  First challenge is to get this website up and running. I've launched myself into learning about wordpress and so far I'm doing fine – but everything takes loads and loads of time.  So […]